That God sees all, and knows all is utterly terrifying… unless…

A reflection on Proverbs 15:3; 11
“The eyes of the Lord are everywhere,
keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”

“Death and Destruction lie open before the Lord—
how much more do human hearts!”

These verses reveal at least two things to me, that God is in everything place – that is – He sees everything and secondly that God knows everything – the heart of every person lies open before Him. I am not sure how that truth grips your heart…

We live in a very disconnected world from reality – God’s reality. The message of our world is that people are basically good and unless you do something really horrible you are basically a good person, at least better than most.

The problem with that is: God sees our hearts, He knows our thoughts, our motivations, when they are good and when they are evil. It does not matter what our world says is good in the end, but it is what God says is good that counts.

If in the court room I am able to show such charm and charisma that everyone believes my defense except the Judge (or the Jury) it doesn’t matter, in the end its down to those who decide fate.

God is not tricked, He sees all. And I think that would be the worse and most terrible news in the world if not for one thing. He sees all, He knows all, He sees me in those times when my motivation is harm and hurt and wrong and evil.

What’s the one thing then?


In Jesus, the Offended Party, the Judge, the Victim, the Wronged One He comes to take the place of the criminal, of the rebel, of the sinner – just incredible!

While I was living against the Creator, living for myself, with a heart and mind on the gifts – not the giver… knowing this, He sent His Son to die for my crimes – this is the ‘GOOD’ of ‘Good Friday’. Jesus death in our place, for our wrongs, isn’t that just incredible!

My prayer for us this Good Friday and Easter Sunday, is that they would remind us in a new way that we were lost, and He found us, we were dead in sins and He made us alive in Christ.

If that is true in You, I pray that we will rejoice and thank and praise Him like never before! What a God who sees all and knows all and yet comes in mercy, love and grace to rescue us in Jesus!


The fear of the LORD.

A reflection on Proverbs 9:8-10
“Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you. Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

The ‘righteous’ and the ‘wise’ are ways of talking about those who trust in and follow after the God who made the world and who sent His Son to rescue it. In fact, we see this in the summary of true wisdom and knowledge here. True wisdom and knowledge comes in the fear of the LORD.

That is, to realise that the Almighty God who made the world, who created humanity in His own image, the one who we have turned away from and do not naturally follow after – this Holy God who could wipe us out in a second, turns to us with love.

He can’t stand our turning away, and it must be punished. But He sent His Son to take the punishment for our wrong! Jesus came to lay down His life for us. So, to fear God, is to understand His power, His set apartness from sin and sinners, His right to rule and judge those who disobey, and yet His mercy toward us, His offer of forgiveness and eternal life to us through Jesus sacrifice.

To fear God is to Who He is, and to live in response to this. To turn from that which does not please Him, and seek to live a life following after Jesus, trusting in His death to cover our wrongs and His resurrection to justify us before the just and holy God.

So ‘God fearers’ are learners, someone who can be rebuked, open to the correction of others. Seeking instruction, teaching, not proud, and arrogant, but humble and contrite in spirit, trembling at God’s Word.

This is true and eternal wisdom: this is the fear of God, that right response to Who He is and what He has done.

My prayer for myself, and for you, is that we would be humble learners. Those who acknowledge our wrongs to God and to one another. Those who trust in and hope in only Jesus and His cross to forgive us and change us.

Those who realise God would be right to punish us, and condemn us, and who are overwhelmed because in Jesus He comes to us with mercy, and grace, forgiveness, and peace and so how can we not love Him for that? How can we not respond to Him with praise, thanks and worship?