The God of All Hope

A reflection on Romans 15:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” (Romans 15:13)

The Apostle Paul speaks in Romans about a God that we can know personally. A God who has drawn near to us through His Son the Lord Jesus. I just love some of the ways that He describes God: “the God of endurance and encouragement”, “the God of peace”, and “the God of hope”.

Followers of Jesus are not those who have it all together. I know I’m not! Paul himself knew that apart from God he was a ‘wretched man’ (Romans 7:24), lost and in a dire situation. But I love this! God is the God of endurance, encouragement, hope and peace.

He is the God who is able to fill His people with all joy and peace as they trust in Him through Jesus – so that – by the power of God’s Spirit we can abound, be abundant in, we can overflow with… hope – the certain hope of God that rests on who He is.

A hope that is not snuffed out by circumstances, or distress, or abandonment, or even death itself.

I know for me… I would be lost without this God of endurance and encouragement, because I struggle to endure, and I need encouragement from Him to keep going. I know that I would be lost without this God of hope and peace because if this life is all there is what lasting hope can anyone have? What do I do when my love one dies and when my own body fails? I would be hopeless.

Without God’s peace I am lost. He has made peace with me through His Son, Jesus and His death on my behalf… and so this God fills me with ‘all joy and peace in believing’ so that through even His Spirit’s work within me an eternal and certain joy unspeakable and full of glory wells up in me, even when I least expect it!

Father, thank you for Who You are. In Jesus, I can call you my Father, You are so good! You deserve all my praise! Thank you for being my Endurance, my Encouragement, my Hope and my Peace.


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